Where to find your Ancestors!


If you are trying to find your ancestors in Ireland, there are many sources that you can look in. Sometimes they can turn up in the most unexpected places! Always look … Read More

How to Start your Family Tree

Seamus-smyth family tree research

If you are just starting to compile your family tree but don’t know where to start, well here are some tips and basic guides to get you started on this … Read More


Smyth Family c1924

Before you begin searching for your ancestors in Ireland, be sure to exhaust ALL avenues of research in their adopted country of residence i.e. US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK … Read More

Emmigration in the 19th Century


Having just visited the Titanic Quarter in Belfast at the weekend, it prompted me to write this blog on emmigration from Ireland, particularly in the 19th century.   I think … Read More