Where to find your Ancestors!


If you are trying to find your ancestors in Ireland, there are many sources that you can look in. Sometimes they can turn up in the most unexpected places!

Always look in the Prison Records Collection 1790-1928, which you can find online and they can give a fairly accurate description of your ancestor too!  The record may also give their next of kin – which can be either parents, sister or brother, along with where they were born and their current address.  All of this information is very useful in confirming you have the correct person!  Also check the Irish Military Records to see if they were involved in the 1916 Rising, or the War of Independence/Civil War, as the pension files have now gone online at www.militaryarchives.ie and you may find them there also.   The 1922 Irish Army Census is also available online at the same website.   Also check newspaper archives for your ancestor, perhaps their obituary appeared in the local newspaper at the time, which may also give details of his next of kin – wife and children, very useful if you wish to trace living descendants!  Don’t forget to use spelling variants of your ancestor’s name, as it may have been recorded incorrectly.

There are of course many, many more places to look for your ancestors – Census Returns, Births/Marriage/Death Indexes, Emigration Records, Land Records, some of which are available online, but it is VERY important to obtain the document!  Always follow the paper trail, as that is what confirms you have the correct person to include in your family tree!  If you need any help with tracing your ancestors, please contact us at Into The Past Genealogy Services – www.intothepast.co  or  ams.intothepast@gmail.com and we will be very happy to assist.