thanks“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life.  Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary” 

Margaret Cousins

I can highly recommend Anne-Marie Smith as a Genealogist.  Having searched on and off for years to trace my birth mother without success, I recently contacted an Adoption Tracing Agency who told me they couldn’t help as there was insufficient information available.  On contacting Anne-Marie, however, she found my mother within one week and kept me constantly updated on her progress, providing me with significant information about the family and even sending me a photo and a relevant newspaper article. Amazing!   

She was very professional, sensitive and thorough and her fees were also very reasonable. She was incredibly quick to respond and was readily available when I needed advice.  She went beyond the call of duty to help me and I will be eternally grateful as I had all but given up on ever finding my mother.

Katrina, United Kingdom

“Anne-Marie, I want to say again how much I appreciate your warmth and your talent. I contacted you with a family research query and you responded with the answers I was looking for. As we traded communications you never asked for a contract but provided the information that was so very important and personal to me. Your honesty and trust are to be commended.”

Roger Murphy, Boston, USA. (2015)

“Anne-Marie’s commitment and expertise researching my family’s history was staggering. Without her know-how, contacts, and sheer hard work, many of my ancestors would be lost to the dusty anonymity of the ages. Whether in Ireland, America or elsewhere, she is, to my knowledge, the foremost expert on searching tirelessly and exhaustively through archives for a needle in a haystack. And somehow she always manages to find it.”

Bill and Dara Foley, Renmore, Galway, Ireland

“Into the Past is a member of Raheny Business Association and plays an active role in the day to day activities of the association. Anne-Marie Smith, owner of Into the Past, was one the original founders of the Raheny Business Association in 1988 and was the Hon. Secretary of the Association until 2009.

In 2009 Anne-Marie was co-author with Dick Hooper of a book  “21 Years of Growing” – a history of the 21 years of the Association. Anne-Marie undertook a substantial research programme and uncovered a vast source of social history and photographic material.A copy of the book is lodged with the National Library of Ireland.

I found Anne-Marie to be thoroughly professional in her approach, from discussing and agreeing the brief, to implementation of the final execution. The project was delivered on time and on budget. All done in a warm, friendly, efficient and effective manner”

Barry Murphy – Coordinator of Raheny Business Association

“Into The Past will prove to be your most valuable asset when compiling your family history.  Anne-Marie has the ability to gather accurate accounts of family history spanning both generations and continents.  Learning of my Irish ancestry would have been nearly impossible without her expertise.  Into The Past have been thorough, articulate and passionate in their research work, detailing the amazing journey of my family.  Thank you Anne-Marie and Into The Past for this gift!  You are truly a “genealogy genius”

Maureen Christie, New York, USA

“Dear Anne-Marie, I don’t think I have words that would be adequate to express how profoundly grateful I am for the wealth of information you passed on to me about my Family. I simply do not have any way near the skills of research to have come up with what you have found. I have been searching on and off for more than 30 years for my ancestors, my skills have improved but I never felt I would be able to learn where my great grandparents came from in Ireland. Thank you so very much for your generous sharing of what you so skillfully found. I will always be in your debt.  Thank you.”

Paul F Tracy, New York, USA (2015)


“My  grandfather was always very secretive about our families past due to his tragic childhood. But on his deathbed he did let me know that his father came from Cork, this with both of his parents first names and a rumor of death by a train on the Brooklyn bridge was all we had to go on.  I found who I thought might be the right man and woman, but negotiating these genealogy sites leaves you with such doubt.  So I contacted Anne-Marie of Into The Past Genealogy Services and asked her to look into it, and I am so glad I did.  Not only was she able to fill in the gaps I could not, but she found more info on this side of the pond than I ever would.  At this time, we were also planning a trip to Ireland, to take my father to visit the villages of his grandparents birth.  Anne-Marie not only found us our living relatives in Ireland, but made all the contacts for us in such a professional way, that all we had to do was phone when we landed and meet with them!  Anne-Marie’s knowledge, expertise, and passion about genealogy are second to none, picking her up to research my family was the best decision I have ever made.”

Joe and PJ Walsh  St. Louis, Missouri 2015