Michael Collins Himself – Book Republished


I am delighted to announce that my dear friend Chrissy Osborne’s book ‘Michael Collins Himself’ has been republished (updated version) by Mercier Press.   I had the honour of compiling some genealogy research on the Butterly/Collins branch of the family in order to confirm some information contained in the original book 15 years ago.  The author very kindly credited me in the Acknowledgement section.  As we know, there are a lot more genealogy records available now than back then, so I was able to confirm with documentation some of this information.  Due to printing deadlines, it was not possible to confirm everything.  However, for any Michael Collins fans out there, this is a brilliant read and also contains some interesting photos of the man HIMSELF! Chrissy Osborne also wrote ‘Michael Collins – His Life in Pictures’, again another excellent book, well written and laid out.  Genealogy is such a fascinating subject, with numerous twists and turns throughout the journey.  If you need any assistance in your own family research project please check out our website at www.intothepast.co or contact us at ams.intothepast@gmail.com and we will be happy to help you.  There are also some useful genealogy tips and blogs on the website.  Enjoy the book!