An Interesting Find!


Recent family research I have undertaken has resulted in some fascinating finds, some of which have solved family mysteries going back 100 years!  I have found it so important to check out all BMD certificates, as a name on one of these certificates can lead you to another piece of the puzzle!  Sometimes oral history/stories down the generations in families, although for the most part relatively true, can lose their authenticity over the years, so it is important to “think outside the box” sometimes!  What we see on census forms etc., is not always “black and white”.

Although obtaining all certificates for a particular family search can be costly, sometimes it is well worth it.   Recently a name I picked up as a witness to a marriage completely changed the course of the research, and solved a 100 year mystery!  A very interesting and rewarding find!

It is so important to check out all information given, even the smallest detail, as sometimes checking out a sibling’s records can ultimately solve the mystery of our ancestors!   Happy Searching!