“Best Service” Award

Anne-Marie receiving Best Service Awards Raheny Business Association 8 Oct 2013

Hi All,

Am so thrilled to have received the “Best Service” Award from Raheny Business Awards on 8th October 2013!  A great coup for GENEALOGY!  It has been such a fascinating journey for me so far, and I have found so many interesting pieces of information for so many people!  It is so rewarding!  As a genealogist here in Raheny, Dublin, and an “APGI Affiliate”, it is great to be acknowledged for the work I do, and proves and Genealogy is alive and well here in Dublin.  As I always say, try and “think outside the box” when you are searching for that elusive ancestor, as nothing is black and white in genealogy, we sometimes find what we are looking for by looking into somebody else’s records!  Look at everyone including other siblings in your tree, as you never know what you might discover.  Happy hunting!