Tracing Living Relatives

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“Trust yourself,  you know more than you think you do”

Benjamin Spock

Have you ever wondered whether there might be living relatives out there that you never knew about? Well, genealogy can help find them for you. Into The Past Genealogy Services has successfully traced living descendants for many people both here and in the US and connected them to family they didn’t know they had! It can be an emotional roller coaster tinged with joy, sadness and closure in some cases.

Some people have searched for years for great uncle Thomas, but by tracing forward a living family member, it can fill in the many blanks in your family tree. They may have photographs of your ancestor or vital information on him or his family, what happened to him, where he settled, where he is buried. All this information is out there somewhere, you just have to find it! It’s a little like being a detective, and that can be great fun, but challenging!

So get those little grey cells working and let us help you find those missing ancestors for you! There are no absolute guarantees of finding people, particularly if they changed their name or left no paper trail behind, but we will do our utmost to find them! Our newly refurbished website is ready now at so do stop by and say hello!