Genealogy Gift Certificates

Genealogy gift certificate

Happy New Year to everyone!  Hope you all took the opportunity over the Christmas holidays to meet up with family members and find out some more information for your family … Read More

“Best Service” Award

Anne-Marie receiving Best Service Awards Raheny Business Association 8 Oct 2013

Hi All, Am so thrilled to have received the “Best Service” Award from Raheny Business Awards on 8th October 2013!  A great coup for GENEALOGY!  It has been such a … Read More

Genealogy Ireland – Tips

Into the Past Banner form

As a genealogist here at Into The Past Genealogy Services, Dublin, Ireland, I receive many family history enquiries from the USA, Canada, UK and even in Ireland.   The most … Read More

An Interesting Find!


Recent family research I have undertaken has resulted in some fascinating finds, some of which have solved family mysteries going back 100 years!  I have found it so important to … Read More

2013 promises to be a great year…

….for Genealogy here in Dublin, and throughout Ireland.  The Gathering 2013 takes place here and there will be lots of people tracing their ancestors back to Ireland.  A lot of … Read More