Getting Over That Geneology Brick Wall

Have you ever come up against that brick wall in your genealogy research??  Sometimes it is worth looking into a sibling’s records to see if there is more information on them, maybe their marriage record may give you the missing information such as parents’ names.   I have used this formula many times and it has been successful, leading me to much more information than I ever thought possible!  It is particularly useful when researching in the United States, as sometimes people left Ireland with a brother or sister, and if you can find their records there, then they may lead you right back to the ancestor you are actually looking for.  Look for naturalization papers, death and marriage records in the US, as these can give great information on where they were from in Ireland and also their parents’ names. If they arrived in New York from 1850-1883 check out the New York Emigrant Savings Bank, great records there.  When starting out in your research project, always start with your nearest relatives and work back generation by generation via BMD, census returns etc., and ALWAYS follow the paper trail!  Happy Hunting!  Fore more information on how to trace your ancestors check out my website at  where we are happy to undertake the research for you if you wish.  Anne-Marie Smith MAGI.