Catholic Parishes Launched Online by NLI Dublin


National Library of Ireland, Dublin, just launched the Catholic Parish records online, which is a major development in Irish Genealogy!  You can now search these original parish entry records FOR FREE in the comfort of your own home!  However, these records still contain gaps, torn pages, damaged pages, and the cut off year is 1880.  Some of the records are not so easy to decipher, and a lot of the names are also in Latin.   They are not transcribed but indexed by parish/county and you have search options also, so you can just choose a particular year for a birth/marriage or burial.   Although some parish records exist pre 1800, for a lot of the parishes their records commence much later in the 1800s, so you may not find what you are looking for.   Most of these records are already transcribed on but now you can see the actual entry record and decide for yourself if it is your ancestor!  If you need any more research tips or help in navigating the new online records at NLI, contact us at and we will be happy to help you with any genealogy questions you may have, or if you wish us to conduct the research ourselves.  Enjoy the journey!


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