Genealogy Services

Trace your Ancestors in Ireland, UK and USA

Have you ever wondered whether you might have relatives outside of Ireland?  Most people who trace their ancestors discover that some of them emigrated to the USA, Canada and even as near as the UK.  Would you like to find out if your ancestors emigrated?  Let us help you find them.


Trace Living Descendants … 

Wouldn’t it be nice to find out that you have “living” relatives that you never knew you had somewhere out there?  Where possible, we can trace them for you and even link you up with them.  Have your own Gathering in 2013!


Provide a Family Tree

 A Family Tree would bring together ALL the branches of your family on one page!  You can then see where the same names have served several generations of one family, and you can clearly find those missing links, and finally get closure on “that” family mystery!


Provide a Family Tree Report

Provide a Bound Report documenting all findings obtained during the course of the research project – a keepsake to cherish and hand down to future generations!